By the end of our first semester of PacRim, I had reached a point of frustration with group travel dynamics. For all the wonderful facets of PacRim, it is unquestionably one huge social experiment that is not particularly easy to be a part of 24/7. While we were in Vietnam, I decided to undermine this frustration by finding beauty in being part of a group. Our PacRim group’s boundaries expanded in Vietnam- enveloping some students that showed us around Hanoi, PeaceTrees workers that explored Quang Tri with us, what felt like hundreds of kindergartener’s, and finally, some family members that met up with us in Ho Chi Minh City for our end-of-semester banquet. After doing this project, I realized that I am much more connected to this group than I thought I was. As I got on a plane to spend winter break in Europe I felt like I left a part of myself behind, and I did- my incredible co-travelers who I can no longer deny are my PacRim family.