Upon arriving in Georgetown, Malaysia, we were bombarded with street art. The first piece of art that stood out to me was a large yellow cat on one of the walls as we headed to our hotel. Unfortunately, at the time, I was suffering with the heat and was exhausted from a long train ride, so I couldn’t enjoy it as much I’d wanted to. But a little part of me was happy to see it. I took a picture of it before we left because I knew I would regret it later if I didn't.

The yellow cat

Georgetown was an interesting place to stay, especially after leaving Bangkok, Thailand. It was a conglomeration of British, Indian, Chinese and Malay culture. There was a mixture of Chinese, Indian and Malay language going around that it was a bit overwhelming on the ears. There was also some English in there from tourists. Some of the street art actually told a little about Georgetown’s history, as it was all part of a larger World Heritage Site. Tourists could walk around and read these little blurbs. Some blurbs were located at a place where the event happened, or they were just placed randomly.

One specific piece of art was always crowded with tourists when I walked past it on Armenian Street. I took a picture of it one evening when there were no tourists at all, just a light from across the street shining on it. It was an image of two children riding a bicycle, one that was actually attached to the wall instead of painted onto it. In my opinion the image of the bicycle and children was much more interesting and magical at night. I, of course, stopped to get my picture taken and was slightly judged by another PacRimmer. She just gave me a, “Really?” and kept walking. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to have a photo taken at this popular piece of street art? It was beyond me. But I took it anyway. It was a perfect opportunity and I personally liked the lighting better at night.

Children on a bike

Besides the cat, bicycle and World Heritage art pieces, random artwork scattered the area. You could run into them at any given point, and it was delightful to encounter them on a stroll through the city. There was even one of some familiar faces from Star Wars. The last image was not necessarily a piece of art, but it had a fun message: “Someday I’ll be an interactive art.” Next to it in smaller print said: “Do not dream just be!”

Storm troopers