Went to see mom's host mother from the ‘80’s today. Mom’s host sister’s family, Seiji, Hiroko, Deiki, and Reina got here at about 9 to take me to the house. It was about a half an hour drive south, and it was cool to be able to see some other parts of the country, and by car to boot instead of a train. It was definitely a little weird to get out of the car and be at a place where mom had lived three decades ago. Then we went in and I got to meet her. She was the nicest lady. I can really see why mom had such a good time there. We met, and sat down for a large assortment of lunchy snacks and treats. Seiji put on the home movies that he made during the family's visit to the U.S. I thought that was super cool. I didn't realize that it was all the way back in 2005. Dang, that's a long time ago. Aaron and I were pretty little, but not as small as Deiki and Reina. He's almost grown up now, but he still looks really young. He heads off to university next year. He probably had the best English out of anyone in the family, and seemed like a really smart kid. They seemed grateful for the omiagis, and had some for me as well. I also have a couple of big things of art that I have to send momlady tomorrow. That is going to be hilariously expensive. It was really sweet, I was shown some old photos of mom wayyyy back in the day, as well as the collection of our Christmas cards that have been kept all these years. It was a really nice little visit, and it really wasn't ever awkward because of the language barrier. I think that we'll be meeting up again on the 19th to do some kind of something. I'm not sure what, but I'm looking forward to it. Today was just another crazy example of things coming full circle with these trips. Man, talk about a legacy.