It was happening. I was finally at Borobudur. I had been reading about and studying this incredible temple for the past year in preparation for conducting original research. I jumped off the bus – my camera carbineer clipped to my shirt, notebook and pen in hand. At first there was nothing, but an awakening market as far as the eye could see. I frantically snapped photographs on the activity around me, noting my initial reactions and photographic context. I was so excited upon arrival that my pen cap went flying, but I could not be bothered to stop taking notes to retrieve it. The ticket purchasing production felt like years as I waited for my anticipated monument to meet my naked eye. At first she peaked out at me above the treetops, whispering, “Hi Natalie, I’ve been waiting for you too.” The following collection of photographs capture my deep love for this incredible sacred space and give a taste of how a Religion Major collects original research on PacRim.