My mental preparation for PacRim over the summer was what to do when I got homesick. I am blessed to be extraordinarily connected to my home, but it often translates to debilitating longing, especially in challenging moments. Thinking about the upcoming nine months, I was overwhelmed by the impending challenges and decided some pre-emptive measures to combat homesickness were necessary. I was sitting in my backyard, watching speckled sunlight flutter as wind made leaves dance when I realized that trees would be everywhere. Sunlight would reach me across the world. Wind would always find my face. Although the trees were going to change, it would be the same sun and the same wind that would reach my Mom and Dad in Berkeley. The same that would find my brother as he embarked upon his first year of college in Indiana. India was an amazing and wonderful challenge. It stirred up every emotion I have ever felt in my life, plus some nifty new combinations. Homesickness manifested. I watched the trees. The wind. The sun. And captured them in photographs.