1. Meat in a Bowl: This deep fried pork in a bowl was found only a block away from our guesthouse in Shanghai. Every night there was a long line of customers that always included several PacRimmers.

(Photo Credit: Lauren Cohen)

2. The Duck at Da Dong Restaurant in Beijing: Our group ate a total of 15 ducks that night. Yup.

3. Then we danced the night away with some women in the park right outside. Easily one of the most fun activities in all of Asia. Walk to any park at around 7:00PM in Beijing and you will find the funniest, friendliest group of women doing their nightly exercises.

4. Rooftop Bar at the Phoenix: This is where we celebrated Ian’s 21ST birthday and the home of the bar resident bunnies’ named Lucky and Killa. The roof had great views of the city and we spent many nights here just hanging out.

(Photo Credit: KC Dolson)

5. Walking through the Bund of Shanghai: For some reason I had the song Blood Bank by Bon Iver stuck in my head the entire time. The skyscrapers in Shanghai were incredible.

6. Professor Fields in Shanghai: We had the great honor and privilege of hosting Professor Fields for a day in Shanghai. One of the best professors Puget Sound has to offer and was by far a highlight of our stay in the city.

7. BaoZi 包子: Steamed dumplings. SO. GOOD.

8. Great Wallin’ it on the Great Wall of China: The thing we all remember most about this day was how hot and muggy it was. So. Much. Sweat. But here’s a pic of Lara being cute:

9. Tiananmen Square More security checks then any airport us PacRimmers have ever been to. Then we took this lovely photo in front of Mao’s portrait featuring Elise, Lydia, Eliot, Mack, Christine, and Ian.

10. The Forbidden City:

11. BeiHei Park: One of our first days in Beijing we went to the famous BeiHei Park where we wandered around, took a bout tour, and enjoyed the warm weather. Here’s a pic of myself in front of the Stupa that was at the center of the park.

12. Bubble Tea: So. Much. Bubble. Tea.